A Little Bit About Judge Arnold

Judge Arnold has lived in Williamson County for 24 years and has served as Judge of Court 3 for 12 of those years. He has never been reversed in a criminal case. He worked to bring jury trials back to the Williamson County courts early in the pandemic. He is the experienced hand we need to keep our justice system running.

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Why I am running to remain the Judge of County Court 3

I want to thank you for the honor and privilege of serving as your judge these past 12 years.  My wife and I came to this county 24 years ago to live, work, and raise a family.  Our children were born here, raised here, and educated here.

I have spent 29 years in the legal system here in Texas with 24 of those years in Williamson County.  I have devoted most of my professional life, and almost half of my entire life, to the safety and security of this county’s residents.  It is vitally important at this crucial time to keep experienced, proven judges in office.

My wife and I feel a deep sense of gratitude to this county.  Our roots here now run deep.  In this day and time, despite its challenges, we believe Williamson County remains a unique and wonderful place.  I am running for re-election to maintain those special qualities.  As we enjoy and absorb our exponential population growth, I believe it is essential that we strive to maintain the distinctive character of this county.

As we transition to a larger, denser county, public safety and quality of life will loom as ongoing, major issues.  As a judge, I seek to partner with law enforcement, community leaders, and everyday citizens to ensure that those issues are always at the forefront.  If you believe as I do, that we can work to improve life in Williamson County while maintaining its exceptional character, please help me continue to serve as your judge.

One way we can preserve and improve life in this county is by continuing to keep our courts up and running.  I am proud to say that our courts ran here throughout the pandemic, and ran ahead of other, neighboring counties.  The centerpiece of our court system is the jury trial.  I worked tirelessly to ensure that jury trials resumed here after a short, pandemic-related stoppage.  I will continue to work to make certain that jury trials remain a vital part of our county’s court system.

I look forward to continuing to serve you as the Judge of County Court 3.  Together we can continue to make Williamson County a wonderful place to live, work, and raise a family.

Doug Arnold

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